Comoros - Technical support to the General Planning Commission for the prioritization of the Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS) 2010-2014 Action Plan.

Commissariat Général au Plan

Intervention domain:
  • Planning for Results

Narrative description of the project

COM-1101-0000 The Comoros adopted a growth and poverty reduction strategy (GPRS) in 2009 and an action plan covering the period 2010-2014. Several stakeholders, however, indicated that the 2010-2014 Action Plan was probably too ambitious, that its implementation would require huge financial resources, and that the absorption capacity that existed at the national level couldn’t guarantee the achievement of its targets. The IDEA International Institute was then commissioned to support the Government of Comoros to resize the 2010-2014 action plan by prioritizing the actions to be implemented during the period. A priority action plan was developed with the participation of all stakeholders. This action plan meets the government’s capacity for resources mobilization and the absorptive capacity of national institutions.

Main activities:

  • Proposition and validation of a methodological approach for the prioritization of actions with the focal points of the GPC and representatives of the Thematic Sectoral Groups
  • Application of the prioritization grid to analyze the relevance of each program regarding the objectives of the GPRS and the contribution of each intervention to the achievement of program’s specific objectives
  • Review of the budget for the implementation of the 2011-2014 action plan, by distinguishing the contribution in terms of internal or external resources, acquired or to seek
  • Writing of a priority action plan, which was compatible with the prospects in terms of resource mobilization and absorption capacities of the country
  • Organization of a two-day workshop for the validation of the document with stakeholders.

Main results:

  • Priority Action Plan for the implementation of the 2010-2014 Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS) of the Comoros developed and validated.

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