Senegal - Initial review of Data Quality of the Millennium Challenge Account in Senegal

Millennium Challenge Account - Sénégal

Intervention domain:
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Narrative description of the project

SEN-PROD-1102 Systems for Monitoring & Evaluation are a key component of the performance-based management tools of the public sector. They allow decision-makers, actors and beneficiaries to better track the progress being made and to understand the effects of public action on the general population and on target groups in particular. Reviewing the quality of data is an essential Monitoring & Evaluation tool. It reveals the quality of the data collection which is used for preparing reports which will be necessary for management and decision-making over the course of the program.
This independent review of data quality thus consists of analyzing administrative data and studies, including data collection methods (ex: sampling techniques). This is how the current mandate proposes to verify the data used in the Monitoring & Evaluation Plan (MEP) of the Senegal Compact. This data includes, in particular, the data provided by the units for implementing the project (including their local representatives among decentralized structures) as well as all data from studies financed by MCA-Senegal or the MCC which were used for the MEP.

Main activities:

  • Evaluating the quality, accuracy, promptness and completeness of the data provided to MCA-Senegal by the various entities;
  • Forming conclusions reflecting the results of the mission, including a complete evaluation and evaluation of each set of data of the MEP compared to international standards; and
  • Providing suggestions for ways of improving data quality.

Main results:

  • Initial review of the Data Quality of the Millennium Challenge Account of Senegal performed.

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