Benin - Inventory of civil service reform and development of a strategic plan for the implementation of the modernization of Benin’s civil service (2011-2015)

Ministère du Travail et de la Fonction Publique

Intervention domain:
  • Planning for Results

Narrative description of the project

BEN-PROD-1102 Between 1994 and 2010, different actions to reform the civil service were carried out in Benin, without resulting in real progress at the level of the human resources management system in the civil service.
Our mandate was carried out within the comprehensive framework of civil service reform in Benin. Its overall objective was to provide technical and financial partners and the government with a reference document offering an overview of the situation in 2010 as regards the reform of the civil service undertaken more than sixteen (16) years earlier and a strategic plan for implementing the modernization of the civil service drawn from this understanding of the situation at hand. These two documents were required to provide the government with a roadmap for modernizing the civil service and funding agencies with a strategy paper to rely on to better monitor and support government actions in this area.

Main activities:

  • Providing a diagnostic account of the achievements and failures compared to previous reforms of the civil service initiated since 1994 in Benin;
  • Identifying challenges related to the establishing of a more modern and efficient administration;
  • Articulating a vision and a modernization policy for Benin’s civil service;
  • Providing a five-year strategic plan with a multi-annual action program; and
  • Developing a matrix of measures of progress concerning actions to modernize the civil service, including a monitoring mechanism.

Main results:

  • Conducting an audit of civil service reforms in Benin since 1994; and
  • Providing and validating a five-year strategic plan to modernize the civil service and a multi-annual action program.

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