Mali - Evaluation of bilingual education: Study of the results and action research

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Intervention domain:
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Narrative description of the project

WBP-0701-0000 The objectives of this study were to conduct an assessment of student achievement in bilingual classes and analyze the results and the system implemented, in order to draw lessons for its improvement and sustainability. The data of the study concerned the student’s performance, but were also designed to provide some additional information in order to help evaluating the bilingual education in all three countries involved in this project. The data obtained would help to establish institutional and educational potential solutions, and serve as a comparison basis for future assessments, knowing that out of control variables (population growth, the addition of other languages) could bias the results for future comparisons. The study had two components, namely data collection and analysis, and action research including the establishment of a communication process.

Main activities:

  • Development of a methodology and conducting a survey on the comparative performance of bilingual and monolingual education among a sample of primary schools
  • Collection of data to establish a baseline in order to measure progress in bilingual classes using a method of impact assessment
  • Assessment of students' academic progress (divided by gender) in mathematics and reading comprehension in pilot/experimental classes at levels 2, 4, and 6. School pupils of similar level and who do not attend the program of national languages were used as control groups
  • Establishment of a culture of action research on the inclusion of local languages in formal education systems, in order to provide information for the development of educational policies, and improve classroom practices and student outcomes
  • Establishment of information sharing procedures between educators, and provision of information to policy makers.

Main results:

  • The assessment of students’ academic progress was performed
  • The baseline for progress measurement was produced
  • The culture of action research and information sharing procedures were developed.

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