Albania - Support to the introduction of Results-Based Management in four line Ministries

Département de la Stratégie Nationale de Développement socio-économique, Ministère des Finances

Intervention domain:
  • Planning for Results
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Narrative description of the project

ALB-0401-PRST To improve the effectiveness and efficiency in public management, the Government of Albania has undertaken several initiatives with the support of donors. This mandate was one of these initiatives and was designed to strengthen the Results-Based Management (RBM) in 4 line ministries (Education, Health, Agriculture, Labour and Social Affairs). More specifically, this mandate was to implement a system of results-based monitoring and evaluation, taking into account the demand for M&E information, data collection and analysis, selection and measurement of performance indicators and target setting. These elements have been considered in relation to the other components of the cycle of RBM.

Main activities:

  • Analysis of the situation in terms of RBM and M&E in Albania
  • Analysis of the M&E system in the four pilot sector ministries and elaboration of recommendations for the improvement of indicators and measurement tools
  • Setting of baseline values and target values for M&E indicators
  • Providing methodological support to the M&E Units for data collection
  • Identification of the main constraints of the M&E Units for the implementation of the M&E system, and capacity-building on analysis of M&E information
  • Analysis of the demand for M&E information produced by M&E Units of sector ministries
  • Proposal of recommendations to facilitate sharing information within and across ministries as well as with other stakeholders, under the supervision of the National Strategy for Socio-Economic Development Division
  • Support to M&E Units for the development of an annual work plan and the preparation of their M&E plan.

Main results:

  • Monthly progress reports
  • Diagnostic report and PowerPoint presentation for validation
  • Methodological guide on indicators
  • Report on the dissemination/validation phase
  • Formulation of the work plan
  • Final report.

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