Colombia - Development and provision of an International Certification in Results-Based Management (RBM)

Gouvernement d’Antioquia

Intervention domain:
  • Budgeting for Results
  • Public Program and Project Management
  • Planning for Results
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Narrative description of the project

COL-2012-0000 Design, develop and document an academic program for the International Certification in Results-Based Management (RBM). This program involved 294 semi-presential hours for the application of RBM tools and methods, which included four modules: i) Strategic planning and results-based budgeting, ii) implementation of public program and projects, iii) Financial Administration, and iv) monitoring and evaluation.

 Main activities:

  • Development of learning material (manuals, reference materials, presentations, etc.);
  • Organization of the Training Certification in Results-Based Management;
  • Quality control and process management.

Main results:

  • Training of 50 officials of the Government of Antioquia and municipalities of La Ceja and Guatapé, in order to build a critical mass necessary for the viability of the RBM in these territorial entities.

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