Dominican Republic - University Certification (Masters) in public procurement

Dominican Republic
Professionnels de la République Dominicaine et d’autres pays d’Amérique latine

Intervention domain:
  • Financial Management, Audit and Public Procurement

Narrative description of the project

DOM-2009-0000 The Centre for Strengthening Fiscal Policy and Management Capacities (CAPGEFI), IDEA, and University Laval have teamed up to offer a university (Masters) certification in public procurement. The programme seeks to strengthen expertise in procurement of public servants in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is aligned within the conceptual framework of Managing for Development Results (GpRD), through an approach that prioritizes results above the simple management or transactions. The program is divided into three certifications and is offered in a mixed face-to-face and at a distance mode.

Main activities:

  • Jointly designing a Masters certification in results-oriented public procurement;
  • Offering the Masters certifications;
  • Jointly designing a Masters certification in budgeting for results.

Main results:

  • Two Masters certifications programs designed;
  • 50 professionals from Argentina, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama, and Venezuela graduated with Masters Certification in results oriented public procurement.

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