Mexico - Development of a Results-Based monitoring and evaluation system of social programs

Ministère du Développement social (SEDESOL)

Intervention domain:
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Narrative description of the project

MEX-0501-0000This project was part of the process for the implementation of Results Based Management in the Federal Government of Mexico, which began in 2005 with federal social programs, building on a long tradition of evaluation (particularly that of federal social policy). In this context, a of Results-Based Monitoring System (SMBR) of Social Programs was developed for the SEDESOL. This system helped to monitor the progress and results achieved at the level of Ministry programs. It also helped promote the Results Based Management within the Ministry, in addition to annual and impact evaluations.

Main activities:

  • Development of a diagnostic of the monitoring systems of SEDESOL’s social programs that deepened the evaluation realized by the World Bank regarding the readiness of the Ministry for the implementation of Results Based Management;
  • Design of a Results-Based Monitoring System for SEDESOL’s Social Programs;
  • Design of a plan for pilot implementation in two simultaneous phases;
  • Support and technical training to SEDESOL during the implementation of the pilot system;
  • Based on the findings and recommendations of the pilot implementation, elaborate a strategy for expansion and consolidation of the system to promote the institutionalization of the results-based program management.

Main results:

  • A Results-Based Monitoring system (RBMS) was developed;
  • Four social programs were integrated in the RBMS system.

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