Mexico - Setting-up of the Results-based Budget for the State of Michoacan

Ministère des Finances (SFA) et Commission du Plan (CPLADE) de l’État du Michoacán

Intervention domain:
  • Budgeting for Results
  • Financial Management, Audit and Public Procurement

Narrative description of the project

MEX-1102-0000The Government of the State of Michoacán initiated the transformation of its management processes in order to take a step toward managing for results and the implementation of the Performance Evaluation System established at the federal level by the Government of Mexico. It is in this context that the Ministry of Finance and Administration and the Office for Development Coordination and Planning (CPLADE) of the Government of Michoacán (Mexico) requested technical support from the IDEA International Institute for the design and implementation of actions to establish a results-based budgeting system, through the first two components of the PRODEV methodology of the American Development Bank: (1) improving Management System of the State’s Strategic Planning and (2) strengthening Financial Management Systems. The IDEA-Budget tool, which was developed by IDEA Institute to facilitate the implementation of results-based, budgeting, has been adapted to the context of Michoacán.

Main activities:

  • Analysis and recommendation of improvements for the strategic planning system;
  • Diagnosis and development of a plan to improve coordination and integration mechanisms between the cycle phases of the RBM;
  • Support the implementation of the multiannual budget for Results;
  • Support to the improvement of budget management;
  • Support to the improvement of accounting harmonization;
  • Support to the improvement of computer systems;
  • Analysis of fiscal risk;
  • Analysis of mechanisms of accountability;
  • Institutional reengineering.

Main results:

  • The tool for developing the Medium Term Budget Framework (MTBF), I-PRESUP Michoacá, has been established;
  • The tool for developing the Sector Medium Term Expenditure Framework (SMTEF), I-PRESUP Michoacán.sector has been located in the areas of Education and Welfare;
  • 20 officials of the Ministry of Finance and Administration (SFA), the Planning Commission (CPLADE) and two sector ministries have been trained on the development of results-based budget.

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