Panama - Capacity building in Results Based Management for officials at provincial and municipal levels

Direction de programmation des investissements, du Ministère de l'Économie et des finances

Intervention domain:
  • Public Program and Project Management

Narrative description of the project

300 As part of an ambitious capacity-building program conducted by the Panamanian government, the IDEA International Institute is offering its services to build capacity of Panamanian government’s public officials, professionals and technicians at central, provincial and municipal levels. The theoretical and practical foundations covered during the training will provide them with tools and criteria to build and implement results-based planning, budgeting and monitoring and evaluation systems for Panamanian public management. More specifically, this assignment is about developing and implementing training workshops on the model of Certifications (Master Certificates) covering the five pillars of the Results Based Management.

Main activities:

  • Preparation of learning materials (manuals, reference materials, presentations, etc..);
  • Organization of training workshops on the topics of Results Based Project Management, Cost-benefit analysis, operational planning of investment projects, and monitoring and evaluation of projects;
  • Quality control and project management.

Main results:

  • 400 staff trained at the territorial level in provinces and municipalities.

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