Support for national teams in guiding public sector reformsSupport for national teams in guiding public sector reforms.



Region: all regions / Domain: all intervention domains


Support to the introduction of Results-Based Management in four line Ministries

>>To improve the effectiveness and efficiency in public management, the Government of Albania has undertaken several initiatives with the support of donors. This mandate was one of these initiatives and was designed to strengthen the ...


Inventory of civil service reform and development of a strategic plan for the implementation of the modernization of Benin’s civil service (2011-2015)

>>Between 1994 and 2010, different actions to reform the civil service were carried out in Benin, without resulting in real progress at the level of the human resources management system in the civil service


PEFA (Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability) training and technical support to the development of a plan to reform public finances based on the PEFA assessment

>>As part of the public finance reform, the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Benin conducted a diagnosis of the state of public finances in 2009 using the PEFA (Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability) methodology...

Burkina Faso

Capacity building in Results-Based Management (RBM) for high level Managers of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU)

>>The implementation of the Results Based Management (RBM) in a regional organization such as the WAEMU requires strengthening human and institutional capacities, and the establishment of processes and adapted tools. It is for these purposes that ...

Burkina Faso

Developing the capacities of the National School of financial management (ENAREF) in the area of procurement cycle management in partnership with Laval University

>>The École Nationale des Régies Financières and IDEA International Institute are internationally recognized institutions offering training and capacity-building services in the area of public finance management. ENAREF’s mission is to train...

Burkina Faso

Preparation of the “Economy and Finance” sectoral strategy of Burkina Faso.

>>The government of Burkina Faso made a major institutional reorganization by bringing together the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance in a single Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF). In this context, the government ...

Cape Verde

Technical training workshop on Result-Based Management (RBM) and monitoring and evaluation of public investment programs and projects.

>>The government of Cape Verde, with the financing of the MCA, has decided to build capacities of executives from different sectors in Results-Based Management, which is now considered as a milestone in the development process of the national planning ...


Development and provision of an International Certification in Results-Based Management (RBM)

>>Design, develop and document an academic program for the International Certification in Results-Based Management (RBM). This program involved 294 semi-presential hours for the application of RBM tools and methods, which included four modules...


Technical support to the General Planning Commission for the prioritization of the Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS) 2010-2014 Action Plan.

>>The Comoros adopted a growth and poverty reduction strategy (GPRS) in 2009 and an action plan covering the period 2010-2014. Several stakeholders, however, indicated that the 2010-2014 Action Plan was probably too ambitious, that its implementation ...

Cote D'ivoire

Consultancy to Support the Strengthening of National Monitoring and Evaluation systems for the protection, care and support of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) living in a world with HIV and AIDS

>>The study on the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Policy and Planning Effort Index (OPPEI) conducted by UNICEF in 35 countries in sub-Saharan Africa in 2007 concluded that Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) was one of the weakest areas of the public...

Dominican Republic

University Certification (Masters) in public procurement

>>The Centre for Strengthening Fiscal Policy and Management Capacities (CAPGEFI), IDEA, and University Laval have teamed up to offer a university (Masters) certification in public procurement. The programme seeks to strengthen expertise in ...

El Salvador

Strengthening Results-Based Management in the area of social protection in Central America

>>The project aimed to build capacity in the sector of social protection in Central America, for the implementation of Results Based Management in the social protection systems. This goal was reached thanks to the adequacy of IDEA-EVAL, ...


Customised training in Project Management, Results-based Management and Monitoring & Evaluation.

>>As part of the implementation of Results Based Management (RBM), the Ministry of Planning and Development (EPMDP) mandated the IDEA International Institute to strengthen the skills and expertise of 30 of his professionals. Three workshops, each of ...


Partnership with the Office of the Prime Minister for consolidation of RBM implementation in the Kenyan Public Sector

>>Performed under the partnership agreement between the IDEA Institute and the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), this assignment included the following phases: 1) organisation of a series of high level seminars in the area of Results Based Management, ...


Evaluation of bilingual education: Study of the results and action research

>>The objectives of this study were to conduct an assessment of student achievement in bilingual classes and analyze the results and the system implemented, in order to draw lessons for its improvement and sustainability. The data of the study ...


Development of a Results-Based monitoring and evaluation system of social programs

>>This project was part of the process for the implementation of Results Based Management in the Federal Government of Mexico, which began in 2005 with federal social programs, building on a long tradition of evaluation...


Setting-up of the Results-based Budget for the State of Michoacan

>>The Government of the State of Michoacán initiated the transformation of its management processes in order to take a step toward managing for results and the implementation of the Performance Evaluation System established at the federal level by...


Data quality audit for the monitoring and evaluation of the Millennium Challenge Account -Morocco

>>The Compact-Morocco program includes 5 projects (improvement of fruit tree productivity, upgrade of artisanal fisheries, development of handicrafts, business support, support for the strengthening of financial services) and a cross-cutting activity...


Elaboration of the National Public Procurement Training Strategy

>>Public procurement reform holds a significant place among public sector reforms, particularly within the operationalization of Results-Based Management (RBM). The success of the reform process implies among others strengthening the capacities of...


Training in Results-Based Programme Management

>>The Government of the Kingdom of Morocco, through the Agence de Partenariat pour le Progrès (APP), has contracted the Institute to offer a series of training courses on Results-Based Management (RBM), Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation...


Consolidation of the National Development Planning Manual and organization of a Nationwide Monitoring and Evaluation training program

>>The technical support to the NPC-Namibia aimed at supporting the ongoing process of public sector reforms through advisory services and training on Performance-Based Budgeting, Medium Term Expenditure Framework, M&E and IT systems in the framework of...


Capacity building in Results Based Management for officials at provincial and municipal levels

>>As part of an ambitious capacity-building program conducted by the Panamanian government, the IDEA International Institute is offering its services to build capacity of Panamanian government’s public officials, professionals and technicians ...


Initial review of Data Quality of the Millennium Challenge Account in Senegal

>>Systems for Monitoring & Evaluation are a key component of the performance-based management tools of the public sector. They allow decision-makers, actors and beneficiaries to better track the progress being made and to understand the effects of ...


Data quality Review for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Millennium Challenge Account-Tanzania

>>This project intends to evaluate the overall data used in the Control & Monitoring Plan (CMP) of the MCA-Tanzania Program, including the data provided by Projects Implementing Units and all the surveys data. This evaluation integrates the data of ...


Technical Support to the Planning and Modernization Programme Unit (PMPU) of the Tanzania Revenue Authority

>>Since 2007, the Planning and Modernization Programme Unit (PMPU) of the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has asked the IDEA Institute to support TRA during the implementation of their modernization process...


Support to the elaboration of the National Policy on Public Sector M&E

>>The first part of the assignment was about making a diagnostic of the existing M&E systems in the public sector and writing a discussion paper that was validated in a workshop associating the major actors involved in M&E. The second part ...


Consultancy services for the development of National M&E capacities and a National Community of Practice

>>The Ministry of Finance and National Planning (MoFNP) wishes to strengthen the National Results-Based M&E capacity at central (all sectors) and regional (provinces, districts) level in support to the implementation of the Fifth National Development Plan..

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