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Dr Frédéric Martin and Dr Sylvain Larivière


Applied Innovation for New Governance

The Institute for Development in Economics and Administration (IDEA International) was founded by Dr. Frederic Martin and Dr. Sylvain Lariviere in Quebec (Canada) in 1997. Since its creation, IDEA has pursued its mission to contribute to the emergence of an efficient public sector by helping governments, both at central and sub-national levels, in the implementation of Results Based Management (RBM) while offering innovative solutions to promote the quality of public programs and services.

IDEA is now an international network which offers a range of consulting services, training programs and decision support systems.

The majority of our customers are public organizations, namely national and sub-national governments, ministries, parastatal organizations, international organizations and donors, etc.

The quality of our services is recognized by the ISO 9001-2008 Certification of IDEA office in Canada.

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Organizational Structure

A global network offering local services!

The IDEA International Institute consists of a worldwide network of headquarters in Canada, two (2) regional offices and fifteen (15) country representations. This organizational model is favored by IDEA to ensure a close relationship with its partners and clients and to leverage national and regional expertise.

The network is led by a management team consisting of the members of the Board of administration (two Co-Presidents and a Vice-President). Each office is managed by a Director. Country representations are generally managed by permanent technical experts belonging to the network. The Institute team currently consists of around thirty permanent professional staff and several part time consultants.

The Institute also maintains partnerships with numerous reputable public and private academic institutions with which it offers targeted services.



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