Finalist for the 2012 edition of the Enterprise of the World Award

The IDEA International Institute has been selected as a Finalist for the 2012 edition of the Enterprise of the World Award. This prize awarded by Quebec City's Chamber of Commerce and Industry rewards companies contributing to the international recognition of Quebec City, as well as the cultural diversity of their team. As such, the Director of the Institute’s Office in Quebec City, Marie-Helene Boily, represented the Institute at the Recognition Award Gala which was held on November 7th. During this ceremony, the Institute received a distinction for the quality of its global reach. The Management of the Institute is proud to share this reward with our partners to which they have contributed in part by welcoming the Institute’s members in the country where. The Management also wishes to acknowledge the contribution of the team to IDEA’s international reputation.


21st Annual Conference of the Quebec Society for Program Evaluation (SQEP)

The IDEA International Institute recently participated to the 21st Annual Conference of the Quebec Society for Program Evaluation (SQEP) which was held at the National School of Public Administration (ENAP) in Montreal from 11 to 12 October 2012, on the theme: Evaluation for decision making. As a member of the organizing committee, Mrs. Marie-Helene Boily, Director of the Institute’s Office in Quebec City, as well as Mr. Hervé Sokoudjou, Governance and Local Development Specialist at the Institute, attended the conference. This seminar, of which the Institute was a sponsor, gave place to two conferences by Mr. Fred Carden of the International Development Research Center (IDRC) and Mr. Jean-Louis Dethier, President and founder of the Wallonia Evaluation and Prospective Society. A total of 16 selected communications and two panels allowed researcher, students and evaluation professionals to present their work. Information regarding these presentations is available on the SQEP website (cf. http://www.sqep.ca/Colloque/p_programme.htm).


Congratulations to Mr. Chabala of the Monitoring and Evaluation Department of the Ministry of Finance and National Planning of Zambia for obtaining his University Certification in RBM

The IDEA International Institute warmly congratulates Mr. Chola J. CHABALA of the Monitoring and Evaluation Department of the Ministry of Finance and National Planning of Zambia. He has obtained University Certification in Results Based Management of Public Programs offered jointly by the Institute and Laval University. The leadership and determination demonstrated by Mr. CHABALA in completing this University Certification program will certainly be very useful since he will now act as a change agent and contribute to making Zambia’s public sector more efficient. IDEA wishes him the great success!


The Directorate General of Budget of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Burkina Faso in a medium term internship at IDEA

As part of its institutional capacity building mission, IDEA was pleased to welcome three (3) decision makers from the Directorate General of Budget of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Burkina Faso for five months in its offices in Quebec City. These executives attended several training courses offered by the Institute prior to following an internship on current challenges within their department.  IDEA International would like to thank Mr. Vieux Abdul Rashid Soulama for his work on crosscutting issues in the context of sectoral policy management at the Ministry level and for his proposal for a coordination framework for cross-cutting programs, to implement RBM  in Burkina Faso.IDEA also congratulates Mr. Moussa Nombo for his work on the optimization of the evaluation function, a necessary condition for successful RBM implementation and for proposing an organizational framework to ensure its success. IDEA would also like to emphasize the importance of Mrs. Marguerite Ouedraogo Zongo’s proposals for translating the PEFA assessment results into concrete actions, with a reform plan, and their integration into the overall evaluation framework for results based management currently underway in Burkina Faso. This is all the more relevant given that results are usually correlated with proper budget execution and that with RBM implementation in public management in Burkina, the state has gone from a means based to a results based approach. We sincerely hope that the contributions of these three (3) executives give a strong added value to ongoing reforms in Burkina Faso in general and within their particular Ministry.


The Ministry of Economy and Finance of Panama signs a partnership agreement with IDEA to enhance the skills and capacity of civil servants in Results based Public Investment Management

As part of a multiannual capacity building program (2010-2014) in public investment project cycle management, led by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Panama, IDEA International has recently  successfully delivered a course in "Capacity and competence Building Skills of Panamanians Civil Servants on Results Based Management of Public Investments (GRIP)" 2011 edition.In 2011, IDEA trained 600 officials from 60 government institutions involved in the Panamanian National Public Investment System (SINIP). The objective of this program is to provide managers and technicians, with approaches, methodologies and tools to optimize their public investment project management capacity so that they may contribute to the implementation of the ambitious public investment plan undertaken by the Government of Panama for the period 2010-2014. The plan will follow criteria of effectiveness, efficiency, relevance and transparency.


The Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Handicrafts (MPMEA) of Republic Congo implements RBM with IDEA’s support

The Government of Congo is currently working to build capacity for better monitoring of economic policies. The implementation of these reforms will improve the effectiveness of the implementation and public finance control. It is in this context  that the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Handicrafts (MPMEA) signed a framework agreement with IDEA to obtain support in the implementation of Results Based Management at the MPMEA. In this regard, the first phase consisted of delivering training in a results based management (RBM) and sectoral medium term expenditure frameworks (SMTEF). The overall objective was to strengthen the skills needed for better implementation of RBM and improving the budget allocation process. Thirty executives participated in this training.


The University of Antioquia, Colombia signs a partnership agreement with IDEA for the development and implementation of a major training program for public sector executives

The IDEA International Institute in partnership with the University of Antioquia (Colombia) offered an International Diploma in Results Based Management to 50 officials of departmental and municipal governments of Antioquia. This program was designed to take into consideration the time constraints of the staff that was trained. Therefore, the Institute used a combination of classroom training sessions and online distance learning. For the remote component, IDEA created an e-learning platform. This event represents a new niche for intervention for the IDEA Institute and marks the start of the Institute's involvement in capacity building at the subnational level.

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