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Masters Certificate in Public Procurement Management for Public Procurement Managers and Executives of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (ARMP) of Niger

The IDEA International Institute has been entrusted by the Ministry of Finance's Public Service Delivery Capacities and Performance Project (PCDS) with the mandate to continue the second phase of training for managers of the Regulatory Authority of Public Procurement (ARMP) and some directors of public procurement in Niger. Under the guidance of expert trainer Jimmy Bankamwabo, participants applied the results-based management (RBM) framework to simplify bureaucracy, optimize value for money and reduce delays between the placing of public orders and the receipt of acquisitions. In 2016, all participants had completed the first phase of training on the Management of the cycle of public procurement and contract administration module. Thus, at the end of the two modules, seventeen participants were able to successfully complete the certification and were awarded by Laval University the Higher University Certification in Cycle Management of Public Contracts diploma. We wish to congratulate them for their diligence and success, and we wish them the best of success in the ARMP and in their professional lives.


Support for the Improvement of the National Performance Management System in Mali

Based on the diagnosis of Results-Based Budgeting and Monitoring and Evaluation of policies and programs in the context of the implementation of Results Based Management (RBM), the Directorate General of Budget (DGB) has solicited the IDEA International Institute support in the improvement of the National System of Performance Management. This support takes place over a period of approximately 10 months (November 2017-August 2018). The mandate entrusted to IDEA aims to accompany Mali's MEF in the implementation of public finance reforms, including budget reform through support for the development of information and management systems. The main objectives of this support are: 1) to revise the Program Architecture and Performance Measurement Framework of 3 pilot departments; 2) assist the DGI in the development of an application and a database for results-based budgeting based on the principles of the B4R application developed by IDEA Solutions; 3) to assist the DGI in the development of an application and database for performance monitoring based on the principles of the M4R application developed by IDEA Solutions; 4) improve the information system for a better joint articulation plan-budget; and 5) to strengthen the capacity of the DGB and the three pilot sectors in programming, budgeting and monitoring and evaluation.

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