Technical Support

Planning for Results

Consensual planning that is useful for development!

Revision of the National Planning Manual in Namibia

IDEA supported the "National Planning Commission" for the review of Namibia's National Planning Manual to incorporate the principles of Results Based Management. The first phase of this mandate enabled the integration of project management principles for development results through the introduction of modern management methods and tools that are adapted to the constraints associated with development projects in Namibia. In a second phase, capacity building activities were conducted in various regions of Namibia (Gobabis, Swakopmund, Windhoek, and Otjiwarongo) with managers from various central and regional levels of government to ensure maximum ownership of appropriate methods and tools and thus help improve the performance of program and project implementation in the "Third National Development Plan".

Budgeting for Results

Budgets which are aligned with strategic priorities!

Implementation of results-based budgeting in the State of Michoacán, Mexico

The IDEA Institute supported the Secretaría de Finanzas y Administración (SFA) and the Coordinación de Planeación para el Desarrollo of the State of Michoacan, with funding from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to develop an informational Medium Term Budgetary Framework 2012-2014 and two pilot Sector Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks for the areas of education and social protection. The support took place over seven months (May-November 2011) and involved a combination of expert missions from the Institute and support at a distance. The participatory approach and the “coaching” practical training sessions enabled not only the production of the three documents planned, but also the training of twenty Michoacán professionals in mastering a practical approach to budgeting by results using the application Budgeting for Results (B4R) of the IDEA Solutions.

Public Financial Management, Audit, and Public Procurement

An integrated approach to support public financial management reforms that shows results!

Support to the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority in Benin

IDEA has supported the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (ARMP) of Benin in the implementation of RBM within the organization over a period of 30 months. It has strengthened the institutional capacity of the organization and the individual skills of its staff in managing the procurement cycle through targeted training, workshops, the development and implementation of appropriate tools, study tours, and experience sharing. ARMP now has:

  • a strategic plan;
  • multi-year program budgets;
  • a budgeted annual work plan;
  • a plan for monitoring and evaluating the performance of the public procurement system;
  • a staff performance framework;
  • and all the related methodological tools that enable it to implement RBM.

Public program and project management

Implementation of an integrated risk management system in the Tax Revenue Authority of Tanzania

The Institute supported the Modernisation Unit of the Tax Revenue Authority of Tanzania for the implementation of an integrated risk management system. This support included evaluation workshops and the analysis of existing tools and practices, the definition of system specifications, the design and revision of risk management tools, the training of various actors and supporting the implementation of the system.

Performance-Based Monitoring and Evaluation

Demonstrating results and influencing change!

IDEA has realized the Data Quality Review (DQR) of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA)-Jordan performance indicators. This DQR study had two main objectives: improve the on-going data collection and reporting efforts, and improve future data gathering approaches and methodologies that will ensure data quality. Data quality review (DQR) is a key process in promoting evidence-based decision making in development project and program management. It is critical to establishing whether the available data is fit for use, thus forging a space where data producers and users can confidently engage in performance measurement through a selection of indicators to track down progress made towards the achievement of intended results.

Leadership and Change Management

Supporting leaders for public sector reform and modernization!

To assist organizations in managing change, IDEA has developed an intervention framework for diagnosing the level of preparedness for desired changes and to propose strategies for steering institutional transformations, taking into consideration:

  • The socio-political and institutional environment;
  • The organizational environment;
  • Individual abilities and interpersonal skills.

This approach can be applied to support any reform process aimed at establishing the principles of RBM, either in a ministry, a local government, or in the national public administration.

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