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Masters Certificate in Results-based Monitoring & Evaluation and Information Systems

Celebrate the year of evaluation!

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Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

2015 is the international year of evaluation and to mark this worldwide event, IDEA International invites you to the Masters Certificate training jointly offered with University Laval. The training comprises of 3 modules offered in a mixed modality of 3 weeks online and 1 week onsite sessions each. The onsite sessions will take place in Miami, USA. The objectives of the training are to provide participants with skills, techniques and strategies to establish and manage monitoring and evaluation systems; master practical tools for M&E and exchange with peers from various countries. If you are looking for quality and practical training, register now and learn in a stimulating and interactive way.

Why choose this Masters Certificate Programme?

At the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Conduct a structured analysis of a monitoring and evaluation system and elaborate a plan of action for improvement using the (A4R) process and software developed by IDEA;
  • Pilot the implementation of improvement of a national, institutional or project monitoring and evaluation system;
  • Promote effectiveness and efficiency using simple software to monitor implementation and results;
  • Master the software (M4R) developed by IDEA to support articulated monitoring of strategies, programmes and projects implementation and results;
  • Prepare performance reports that make use of information generated by the monitoring and evaluation system;
  • Choose among a variety of evaluations;
  • Plan, budget and manage quality evaluations;
  • Keep updated in terms of the newest issues discussed in the evaluation domain (each graduate is automatically registered to the International Development Evaluation Association, IDEA);



Training Calendar 2015

Each module (certification) includes a component at a distance over three (3) weeks part time, and a component face to face over one (1) week full time. The participant that successfully fulfills the requirements of each certification obtains a Masters Certification from IDEA and University Laval

Modules Duration
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Certification I : Implementation and Results Monitoring 3 – Online

1 – On site

Aug. 10 – 28

Aug. 31 – Sept 4
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Certification II : Managing Evaluation of Strategies, Programs and Projects 3 – Online

1 – On site
Sept. 7 – 25

Sept. 28 – Oct 2
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Certification III : Monitoring and Evaluation and Information Systems 3 – Online

1 – On site
Oct. 5 – 23

Oct. 26 – 30
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