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In-formation IDEA, February 2015

IDEA facilitated a Training Workshop in Monitoring & Evaluation for the Ministry of National Education of Romania

The Ministry of National Education of Romania (MoNE) and the World Bank financed a training workshop in Monitoring & Evaluation for the Education Sector for the MoNE office responsible for the management of European funds in support to the education sector. The workshop was conducted in Bucharest on January 27-29, 2015 and facilitated by two IDEA International experts, Dr. Frederic Martin and Ana Maria Fernandez. Twenty professionals from MoNE and the World Bank participated in the training

High Level Seminars 2015

IDEA International organizes a series of short seminars for decision-makers and high-level officials in the public sector. These 3-day seminars which are offered in attractive venues will provide you with the state of the art in terms of modern approaches of public management and new governance. They can be complemented with a 2-day tailor-made coaching to help you find solutions to the specific challenges you are facing. Besides these seminars, the Institute organizes a study tour to discover the Canadian experience in terms of decentralization

Title Venue and
High-Level Seminars
Successful Results-Based Budgeting in the Public Sector
August 31- September 4
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Successful Performance Monitoring in the Public Sector
September 7-11
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Successful decentralization
Punta Cana
August 10-14
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3 days of seminar + option of 2 days of personalized mentoring/The teaching language is the one used in the title of the seminar

The Prime Minister, the Minister of Budget of Gabon and the Co-president of IDEA International Institut Dr. Sylvain Lariviere commit themselves to building public administration capacities

The Prime Minister and Minister of Budget of Gabon received a delegation composed of the General Director of Economy and Finance – Regional Training Hub for Financial Agencies of Central Africa (IEF-PR) and the Co-President of IDEA International Institute Dr. Sylvain Larivière, to launch on February 15th, 2015, a program of graduate certifications (Masters) for public administration officials of CEMAC countries and DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). The Certifications will be offered in a partnership with University Laval, Canada. Around 20 certifications will be offered in five RBM pillars of the GpR. The first certification will begin on February 16th.

IDEA International supports the implementation of a monitoring and evaluation system for the agricultural exports support project in the Dominican Republic

IDEA International Institute collaborates with the Dominican Agribusiness Council (JAD) in order to design and implement a Monitoring and Evaluation system for the Tropical Vegetables Export Support project with funding from the Caribbean Development Bank. IDEA already designed the M&E instruments and supported field work to set up the project baseline. Finally, the Institute facilitates the project monitoring through the use of M4R (Monitoring for Results), part of the IDEA-SOLUTIONS suite.

Upcoming Training

Title Venue and
Masters Certification in Results - Based monitoring & Evaluation and Information Systems
Certification I: Programs and Projects Implementation Monitoring
Aug. 10 - 28
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