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Teaming up with the Ministry of Communities and the Regional Development Council of Region 10 for the design of the Plan of Action for Regional Development (PARD) in Guyana

As part of the national priorities of the Government of Guyana to promote development and decentralization of Local Democratic Institutions, IDEA International is supporting the drafting of the Plan of Action for Regional Development (2016-2020) for Region 10. During the mission that took place in October 2015, Ana Maria Fernandez, Anselme Guezodje and Sharissa Barrow interacted with the Ministry of Communities, the Regional Development Council and other key sectoral actors to start the strategic planning process. The structured, participatory, and stepwise approach used helps identify the main regional development needs, focus efforts on a few action priorities, specify activities accordingly and cost them, and finally define a Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) to plan sustainable development in Region 10.

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IDEA is supporting the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Bureau (PMEB) of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) of the Philippines with support from UNICEF. A national policy for monitoring, evaluation and reporting for all implementing agencies (ministries) has been already drafted and validated and a handbook on monitoring for results is being currently finalized.

Masters Certificate Program Modules in Cape Verde

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IDEA International conducted during the last months, six Certificate Program modules in Praia, Cape Verde on the following topics: i) Strategic Planning and Public Programs Budgeting, ii) Operational Planning and Management of Public Programs, iii) Principles and Tools of Project Operational Management, iv) Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement Framework, v) Multi-year Budgeting – Budgeting Framework and Programming of Expenditure, and vi) Work Plan, Budget and Analysis of Expenditure Quality.

Certificate programs offered in partnership with University Laval enabled to build up capacities of around forty executives coming from several countries of French-speaking Africa: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mali, Niger, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Congratulations to all the graduates and best wishes of success in their professional activities!


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On October 2nd, 2015, after more than two years of e continuous education activities, IDEA International, University Laval, and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, closed the “Panama Civil Servants Capacity-Building in Results-Based Management”, project with the graduation of 6 civil servants with an International Certificate in Monitoring & Evaluation and Information Systems, and of 97 civil servants with an International Certificate in Development Project Management and preparation for PMP.

This important event was held at the Intercontinental Hotel Miramar and important personalities of the public Management in Panama attended, among others: Meilyn Gem, representative of the World Bank; Fabio Bedoya of the Ministry of Economy and Finance; Nitzia Villarreal, Deputy Auditor General of the Republic, and Antonio Armas, National Conciliation).The diploma were handed out by Bernard Garnier, Vice-president of University Laval for Academic Programs and International Affairs and Juan Abreu, Vice-President and Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, IDEA International

A total of 2139 public servants from more than 70 public institutions at national and sub-national level in Panama were trained through the delivery of 89 courses facilitated in seven national venues and three international venues. Thirteen academic contents were developed to ensure the appropriation of knowledge, utilizing cases of studies and reviewing more than 250 public investment projects linked to the Strategic Plan of the Government of the Republic of Panama.


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On September 14th, 2015, in Santo Domingo, IDEA International, in partnership with University Laval, initiated the first edition of the Masters Certificate Program in Results-Based Budgeting in the Dominican Republic, supported by the Training Center in Fiscal Policy and Management (CAPGEFI) and endorsed by the Office of the Budget of the Dominican Republic.

52 public servants of 20 institutions of the governments of Dominican Republic and Panama participated in this activity. The pedagogical objective of the Certification was to master the concepts, approaches and tools of strategic planning and budget programming, for understanding the basis of Results Based Budgeting.

Certification I on “Strategic Planning and Programming" is the first module of three to obtain the Masters Certificate in Results Based Budgeting granted by IDEA and University Laval. Each module has a duration of three weeks, combining online and face-to-face sessions.

The book “Poverty, Inequality and Evaluation: Changing Perspectives” was published by the World Bank and launched at the joint IDEAS Global Assembly and UNDP 4th National Evaluation Capacity Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

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The book “Poverty, Inequality and Evaluation: Changing Perspectives” was published by the World Bank and was launched October 26th, 2015 at the joint IDEAS Global Assembly and UNDP 4th National Evaluation Capacity Conference in Bangkok. This book includes contributions from27 authors and builds upon a number of papers presented during the 2013 IDEAS Global Assembly in Bridgetown, Barbados. The book was co-edited by Dr. Ray Rist, Dr. Frederic Martin and Mrs. Ana Maria Fernandez. Mrs. Fernandez and Dr. Martin are co-authors of Chapter 9 and co-wrote the conclusion. Dr. Martin, Mrs. Marie-Hélène Boily and Dr. Sylvain Larivière co-wrote Chapter 10.

The basic premise of this book is that the conversation on the future of development needs to shift from a focus on poverty to that of inequality. The emphasis on poverty does not address the fundamental question of why people are poor nor what can be done structurally and institutionally to reduce and eliminate it. The various chapters illustrate in the context of various countries and sectors around the world, the significant contributions that evaluators can make in terms of improvement of the analytical framework, analysis of the performance and results of specific programs and projects, as well as assessing and designing better public management systems in terms of poverty and inequality reduction.

The contents of the book can be downloaded freely at

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