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Newsletter IDEA - October 2016

IPDET Seminar in Ottawa, Canada

On June 20-22nd, 2016, within the International Program in Evaluation Development Training (IPDET), Dr. Frederic Martin, Co-President of IDEA International and Ana Maria Fernandez, Senior Economist at IDEA International, facilitated a training workshop on “Building Evaluation Capacity within Ministries: Lessons Learnt and Good Practices in Industrialized and Developing Countries”, including 15 participants from various countries in Asia, America, Africa and Europe. Likewise, David Langlois, IT Specialist at IDEA Solutions made two presentations: “Information Systems to Support National, Sub-national and Sectoral Monitoring and Evaluation” and “Information Systems to Support the Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Investment Projects” in the workshop on M&E systems facilitated by Dr. Ray C. Rist, Co-Director of IPDET.

These workshops enabled useful exchanges on challenges and good practices used in many countries.

Project Support for the Operationalization of the Organic Law on Budget Laws and Budget Reform in Niger

IDEA International has been mandated to support the Public Sector Capacity-Building Project for Services Delivery (PCDS) and national institutions in the operationalization of the Organic Law on Budget Laws, including the implementation of the budget reform following the guidelines of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU). Financed by the World Bank, this project will be implemented in the following three years. IDEA International will provide its support and expertise for the elaboration of guides and training material, decision-makers sensitization, capacity-building for public servants and coaching of national teams. In total, nine (9) experts will be involved in the implementation of this technical support.

In the picture, from left to right : Mr. Mahaman Sani KANTA, Assistant Coordinator of the Public Sector Capacity-Building Project for Services Delivery (PCDS) – Mr. Sylvain RAMBELOSON Procurement Specialist of World Bank Resident – Mr. Cyrille Lazare HOUEGBELO, Assistant Specialist in procurement – Mr. Honorat ZODJIHOUE of IDEA International and Mrs. Claire Hanounou LEDRU, Coordinator of PCDS.

Silver Medal for CDEMA-IDEA Collaborative Project in Management for Development Results (MfDR) by CoPLAC

On September 8th, 2016, during the IX International Seminar of the Sub-National Governments Network held in Guadalajara (Jalisco, Mexico) the Community of Practices in Managing for Development Results in Latin America and the Caribbean (CoPLAC) conducted the awards ceremony for the nominees in the “Second Competition in Management for Development Results (MfDR)”. The CoPLAC received 94 proposals. Twelve (12) juries conducted an objective assessment to award ten (10) categories in MfDR. The collaborative project between the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), Barbados and the Institute for Development in Economics and Administration (IDEA International), Canada obtained the silver medal in the “MfDR in Sectors” category. This project aimed among others to implement M4R® software for monitoring and evaluation of CDEMA programs and institutional capacity-building within the organization.

The Executive Director of CDEMA, Ronald Jackson (second from left), and the Co-President of IDEA, Dr. Frederic Martin (first from left), expressed their gratitude for the recognition.

P4R®, a Software to Guide the Decision Makers in Various Phases and Steps of the Public Investment Management (PIM) Cycle

The IDEA-Solutions team has just developed its latest software, P4R® (Projects for Results). P4R® enables to guide the user in the various phases and steps of the Public Investment Management (PIM) cycle. The software supports identifying project ideas and formulating project documents with standardized grids, and enables conducting an ex ante evaluation according to a multi-criteria grid, thus simplifying the selection of projects to be included in the Public Investment Program. P4R® can be used combined with M4R® to enable the user to monitor the implementation and outputs of selected investment projects, and to monitor the operation, maintenance, and user satisfaction of assets created by the investment project.

P4R® is now part of the IDEA-Solutions Suite, already including: 1) A4R® (Assessing for Results) to guide either a rapid and participatory diagnostic process of the implementation of Results-Based Management (RBM) or a program evaluation; 2) B4R® (Budgeting for Results) to articulate the plan and the budget of a public institution; and M4R® (Monitoring for Results) to monitor programs execution, monitor strategic results, and analyze organization performance.

2016 Online Training Program

Title  Duration (weeks)   Dates  Cost
Masters Certificate in Results-Based Monitoring & Evaluation and Information SystemsULavalREP-PMI
Certification 2: Management of Evaluations of Development Policies, Programs and Projects 4 October 17 November 11 2 200
Certification 3: Information Systems for Monitoring and Evaluation 4 November 21 December 16 2 200
Masters Certificate in Development and Public Investment Project ManagementULavalREP-PMI
Certification 1: Project Design and Ex ante Evaluation 4 November 14 December 09 2 200
Certification 3: Preparation of the Integration Project and Preparation to the PMP Examination (Option A) 4 October 17 November 11 2 200
Masters Certificate in Results-Based BudgetingULavalREP-PMI
Certification 2: Multi-year Budgeting: Fiscal Framework and Sector Medium Term Expenditure Framework 4 October 17 November 11 2 200
Certification 3: Work Plan, Budget and Analysis of Expenditure Quality 4 November 21 December 16 2 200

Professional Training

Title  Duration (weeks)   Dates  Cost
Prefessional Seminars
Modern Approaches to Results-Based Management (RBM) 1 TBD with groups 1 200
Build- an-Indicator workshop 1 TBD with groups 1 200

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