The sub-national Government of the State of Michoacán (Mexico) with the technical support of IDEA and the financial support of the Inter American Development Bank successfully implements budgeting by results tools

The Inter Development Bank (IDB) has retained the services of the IDEA International Institute to assist the Sub-National Government of Michoacán (Mexico), through the Finance and Administration Secretariat (SFA) and the Development Planning Coordination Office (CPLADE), in designing and implementing a results based budget. The mandate took place from April to November 2011 and consisted in developing and implementing, as a pilot project, a Budgeting by Results tool (BbR) in the education and social protection secretariats. The work included: Evaluating and the proposing improvements for strategic planning;Diagnosing and planning improvements for the coordination and integration between BpR cycle phases;Supporting the implementation of multi-year Budgeting by Results;Supporting the improvement of budget administration;Supporting the improvement of accounting harmonization;Supporting the improvement of computer systems;Analyzing tax risks;Analyzing accountability mechanisms;Performing Institutional reengineering.


The Chamber of Representatives of the Dominican Republic has retained IDEA to train 90 Representatives in Tax Control

Under the new constitution of the Dominican Republic, the country's legislators have new roles and responsibilities for improving the quality of public expenditure and the scope of development goals. In this context, House of Representatives (with World Bank funding) has retained the IDEA Institute to provide 90 representative with a Diploma in Tax Control and Governmental Management Control in the Dominican Republic. The same training was offered in Santo Domingo on March 16 and 17 2012 at the National Congress.

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