100 civil servants from various agencies in Guyana were trained by IDEA this week

During the past four days, the IDEA International team trained in Strategic Planning a group of 100 civil servants from various Ministries, Departments and Agencies as well as major State Owned Enterprises in Guyana. The workshop sessions were designed in a 4 hour format with high interactions with the participants. The sessions covered Strategic Planning as a pillar of Results Based Management, concepts, how to implement it in a step-wise process, and the current challenges in Guyana. This workshop is part of the first component of the Inter-American Development PRODEV project that will support the strengthening of Results Based Management for development results capacity within central government. 


IDEA International supports the Ministry of Health in evaluating the Nursing Training Program in Guyana

IDEA International is currently conducting an evaluation of the Nursing Training Programme in Guyana, funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in view of answering critical questions on the performance of students and the effectiveness of recently implemented training curriculum reviews. The evaluation has been commissioned by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance in Guyana, and considers three public training institutions including the Georgetown School of Nursing, the Charles Rosa School of Nursing and the New Amsterdam School of Nursing. IDEA has adopted a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods, including documentation review, focus group discussions, and a survey. This survey will be conducted using the IDEA e-Survey platform. This study involves four (4) experts: Dr. Frederic Martin; Principal Economist; Curline Beckford, Senior Evaluation; Thais Bindutiye, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist; and Dr. Cynthia Baker, Senior Nurse Training Specialist (Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing-IDEA partnership). The results of the evaluations are expected by end of June 2015.


Launching of IDEA Solutions website

Developed progressively by IDEA International Institute since 2010, IDEA Solutions is a suite of management processes and software to implement Results-Based Management (RBM) in the public sector. IDEA Solutions include one diagnostic application: Assessing Management for Results (A4R) and two management applications: Budgeting for Results (B4R) and Monitoring for Results (M4R). Two targets groups can use IDEA Solutions to their benefit: (1) high-level officials in the public sector who need up-to-date and accurate information for decision making and accountability and (2) managers and professionals in the public sector to better plan, budget, and monitor the implementation of public programs and projects. More specifically, IDEA Solutions enables you to: a) conduct a rapid and participatory diagnostic of the implementation of RBM pillars; b) enable the benchmarking of governments, ministries, and public agencies in terms of RBM implementation; c) guide the step-by-step implementation of planning, budgeting and performance monitoring; and d) articulate the implementation of RBM at strategic, institution, program/ project and operational levels.


IDEA supports the implementation of a M&E system in the Dominican Republic

IDEA International Institute collaborates with the Dominican Agribusiness Council (JAD), in order to design and implement a Monitoring and Evaluation system for the Tropical Vegetables Export Support project with funding from the Caribbean Development Bank. IDEA already designed the M&E instruments and supported field work to set up the project baseline. Finally, the Institute facilitates the project monitoring through the use of M4R (Monitoring for Results), part of the IDEA-SOLUTIONS suite.


IDEA and the Government of Gabon are committed to develop capacities of the public administration

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Budget of Gabon received a delegation composed of the General Director of Economy and Finance – Regional Training Hub for Financial Agencies of Central Africa (IEF-PR) and the Co-President of IDEA International Institute Dr. Sylvain Lariviere, to launch officially on February 15th, 2015, a program of graduate  (Masters) certifications for public administration officials of CEMAC countries and DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). The Certifications will be offered in  partnership with University Laval, Canada. Around 20 training sessions will be offered in the five pillars of Results-Based Management. The first session will begin on February 16th, 2015.


Idea supports the implementation of Budgeting for Results in the State of Tabasco (Mexico)

On February 10-11th, 2015, 20 civil servants of the Planning Coordination of the Planning and Finance Secretariat, the Secretariat of Agriculture, Forest and Fishing Development, the State Forest Commission, the State Board of Roads, the State Institute of Culture and the Coordination of Regional Development and Strategic Projects participated in the Training Workshop in Budgeting for Results (B4R) facilitated by the experts of IDEA International, Ramon Key and Ana Maria Fernandez. The objective of the workshop was to train the participants on how to support the process of B4R implementation through  the application of methodologies to articulate strategic and operational planning; to cost outputs (goods and services) produced by the entities and the definition of performance indicators. After the workshop, onFebruary 12-13, participants applied templates of the B4R software, part of the  IDEA SOLUTIONS suite.


IDEA facilitated the Training Workshop in M&E for the Ministry of National Education in Romania

Currently Early School Leaving (ESL) is considered a priority for the Government of Romania due to its social and economic implications. Under the Advisory Services Agreement on Assistance to the Ministry of National Education (MoNE) for ESL, the World Bank was requested to provide analytical or advisory services to support the preparation of a draft Strategic Framework to Reduce Early School Leaving and the development of a system to monitor ESL at all levels of the education system. The MoNE and the World Bank have agreed to finance a Training Workshop in M&E for the Education Sector in Romania to enhance MoNE professional’s capacities. With this capacity building initiative, it is expected to enhance performance at outcome level by supporting the government´s teams to align ESL projects with the Strategic Framework; be able to track progress; and make evidence-based decisions.  The workshop was conducted in Bucharest during 3 days (27, 28 and 29 of January, 2015); with 18 hours of training, facilitated by the IDEA International Experts, Frederic Martin and Ana Maria Fernandez.  20 Ministry of National Education and World Bank professionals were trained.


Renewal of the partnership agreement between IDEA and ENAREF (Burkina Faso)

IDEA and the École Nationale des Régies Financières (ENAREF) of Burkina Faso have renewed their partnership agreement for the next five years (2015-2019). The collaboration between IDEA and ENAREF, which started in 2009, aims to provide capacity building activities in the field of economics and public sector management, in partnership with the Laval University.

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