Capacity Development Initiatives Evaluation for UNICEF Malaysia

An independent evaluation of UNICEF Malaysia capacity development initiatives during the period 2011-2016 has been commissioned by UNICEF and is being carried out by IDEA International from January till June 2016. The objective of this evaluation is to support the development of appropriate and effective strategies and action plans for the new Country Programme (2016-2020), as well as provide an opportunity to assess the strengths and opportunities of UNICEF’s Malaysia’s capacity development strategy to improve results for children and women. The IDEA team visited Kota Kinabalu (State of Sabah), Kuching (State of Sarawak), Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya (Peninsular Malaysia) on April 3-15, 2016 as part of the data collection process. Several in-depth interviews and Assessing for Results (A4R) workshops have taken place with UNICEF staff and UNICEF partners (federal and state governments, civil society organizations, private sector) to assess the relevance, coherence effectiveness, efficiency, management process, partnerships, outcomes, and sustainability of the capacity development response of UNICEF in Malaysia.


IDEA International’s participation at IDEAS Global Assembly in Bangkok

During October, 26th -30th, Dr. Frederic Martin attended the joint IDEAS Global Assembly 2015 and UNDP 4th National Evaluation Capacity conference to share experiences among the community of practices with development evaluators, academics and firms, officials that plan, commission, manage and use evaluations, and more generally monitoring and evaluation systems. On Monday October 26th, Dr. Martin conducted as part of the pre-conference a workshop on how to embed M&E in Ministries based on a structured approach and good practices. On Thursday October 29th, Dr. Martin was a commentator in a panel on cross regional national evaluation capacity case studies presented by the Dominican Republic and Kyrgyzstan with Mr. Melkonyan, First Deputy Minister of Economy of Armenia as Chairman. During the three days Assembly, IDEA also displayed a stand to present its training and software products.


IDEA is supporting the drafting of the Plan of Action for Regional Development in Guyana

Teaming up with the Ministry of Communities and the Regional Development Council of Region 10 in a strategic planning session for the Plan of Action for Regional Development


IDEA supports SENAREC of DRC, in the capacity building of trainers

IDEA International supports the National Secretariat for Capacity building (Secrétariat National pour le Renforcement des Capacités, SENAREC) of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to strengthen the capacity of trainers from Centers of Excellence in Results-Based Management, Leadership and in New Information Technologies.  During the inaugural message, His Excellency Mr. Olivier Kamitatu, Minister of Planning and Modernity Revolution (du Plan et de la Révolution de la Modernité) of the Democratic Republic of Congo reminded the gathering including present media that trainers from the Centers of Excellence will participate to the training sessions organised by SENAREC and IDEA International so as to be equipped with the necessary subject matters as well as methods and technics that they will in turn use to train officers and managers of the public sector. He reminded that those centers were established to strengthen the capacities of public officers and therefore contribute to an emerging modern and effective administration that is able to tackle modern challenges, response to the vision of the head of government and make the Democratic Republic of Congo an emerging country by 2030. This training is organised by SENAREC in the scope of the project for capacity building in management of basic functions of public administration (Projet de Renforcement des Capacités de Gestion des fonctions de base de l’Administration Publique (PRC-GAP)) funded by the World Bank. The training includes 58 managers and trainers of 8 centers of excellence as well as other high level managers from the Government who contribute to capacity building of public servants in DRC. At the end of the training, trainers will therefore transmit the acquired knowledge to targeted people from the centers of excellence who are: Newly recruited public servantsOfficers and public servants in positions related to activities of the Governmental Plan of Action, mission statements and performance plans of provinces;Managers : office manager, division manager, director, general secretaries;Specialized directorates: Studies and planning directorate, Financial and administrative directorate, Human resources directorate, Monitoring and evaluation directorate, Public procurement units, provincial revenue directorate, etc.


IDEA congratulates the graduates of the certificate in the Dominican Republic

On May 25, 2015 was held the graduation ceremony for the Masters Certification on Results-Based Procurement at the Training Center for Management and Fiscal Policy (CAPGEFI) headquarters in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) with the participation of the Vice Rector, Academic and International Activities of University Laval (Canada), Mr. Bernard Garnier, the General Director of the CAPGEFI, Mr. Mariano Escotto Saba, and high personalities from the Dominican Government. On behalf of IDEA International, the IDEA Network Coordinator and Director of English-speaking countries, Doctor Frederic Martin, and Vice President and Director for Spanish- speaking countries, Engineer Juan Abreu attended the ceremony. This certification is part of our continuing education offer to change the usual approach in public procurement procedures, towards a results-based approach. During the ceremony, 48 participants met the academic requirements and demonstrated a high level of commitment to the certification topics and were awarded with the Masters Certification. We take this opportunity to congratulate them again and wish them professional success in the future! 


IDEA conducted the High Level Seminar for Decision-Makers of the Government of Panama

As a part of the Support Program to Strengthen Capacities for the Civil Servants of Panama in Results-Based Management of Public Investment (GRIP), IDEA held the High Level Seminar in Results-Based Management (RBM) for  Decision-Makers, in the city of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Eight (8) high level civil servants in top managerial positions directly responsible for public investment projects participated from May 26th to May 29th on the training sessions. The seminar was facilitated by Mr. Juan Abreu and Dr. Frederic Martin. The objective of the seminar was to coach civil servants on the benefits, challenges, and ways forward implementing RBM in the context of Panama and applications to their working areas. The meetings were designed in a practical and participative approach to promote relevant discussions to the dynamics decision making, focused in the management of strategic information. Also during the sessions the information systems relevance and versatility to elaborate Results-Based Budgets; and the possibility to do monitoring and evaluation in an articulated way across all planning levels, were presented through study cases of IDEA Solutions: Budgeting for Results (B4R) and Monitoring for Results (M4R). According to the participants´ feedback, the interaction was highly productive because they managed to acquire better tools to solve practical issues; and manage organizational change required to achieve development effects for Panama.


IDEA International and MS Foundation signed a Partnership Agreement in Cape Verde

IDEA International Institute and MS Foundation (Madeira, Portugal) signed a Partnership Agreement on Friday 29th May 2015 in Cape Verde to promote the Institute’s training program in public administration in Portuguese speaking countries community (PSCC). MS Foundation is an organization whose objective is to promote scientific or cultural training program activities in Portuguese speaking countries. Under the agreement, the trainings will commence in Cape Verde in 2015 and progressively move to other countries (Angola, Brazil, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea-Equatorial, Mozambique, Portugal, Soa Tomé & Principe and Timor Oriental) by 2016. The University Masters Certificate program of IDEA International will be offered in partnership with University Laval (Quebec, Canada).


IDEA supports the Ministry of Finance of Guyana to update the Budgeting Manual

Two experts of the IDEA International Institute, Ramon Key and Giovanna Donado, conducted a Results Based Budgeting (RBB) Workshop between the 20th to the 24th April, 2015, with 16 professionals of the Office of Budget of the Ministry of Finance, and the pilot Ministries of Health and Education. The purpose of this technical support was to revise the current Program Budgeting Manual in line with the legislative framework and a results-based approach to articulate planning, budgeting and M&E; and propose jointly with participants the guidelines for the revised version. At the end of the sessions, the participants were trained in Results Based Budgeting practices; they identified challenges and opportunities for improvement in Guyana, and a revised version of the Budgeting Manual was drafted and validated with them to enhance the RBB implementation. This Workshop is part of the second component of the PRODEV Project of the Inter-American Development Bank for capacity building in Management for Results in the Central Government. The project commenced in March and will end September 2015.


IDEA applies the A4R software in the worshop to assess the M&E system in Cambodia

The Royal Government of Cambodia has defined as a requirement to set up a national system for M&E of the “National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) 2014-2018” implementation, to guide the work at national and sub-national levels. To do so, Dr. Frederic Martin and Ana María Fernandez conducted a stepwise methodology supported by the Assessing for Results (A4R) software. The main outputs of this workshop, which was held the 27th and 28th April 2015 in Phnom Penh, were: 1) Conduct a rapid, structured, participatory, and action oriented diagnostic of the current M&E system for NSDP implementation;  2) Identify and prioritize bottlenecks;  3) Identify the way forward, more specifically outline the desired M&E system for NSDP implementation as well as elements of M&E orientation guidelines. This consultancy will be developed until August 2015 under UNICEF funding, and a second mission will be conducted to present final findings and propose ways forward.


IDEA supports the Ministry of Mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo

The mandate to design and put in place a statistical information system for the mining sector was assigned to IDEA by PROMINES, a World Bank funded project. During the first phase of this mandate, a diagnosis of existing statistical information in the mining sector in the DRC was conducted. Problems faced by all major institutions and units involved in the data collection, processing, analysis, use and dissemination of mining data and statistics  were identified and analyzed. A set of recommendations were made to improve their technical and material capacities. During the second phase of the project, a workshop was held to identify indicators for monitoring the mining sector. These indicators will be used in a third phase to develop the information system that will be designed with the M4R application of the IDEA-Solutions. The implementation of the project involves Dr. Frederic Martin (Principal Economist), Michel Miron (Mining Sector Expert), Anselme Guézodjè (Senior Specialist in Public Program Management) and Jacques Lefèvre (Information Systems Senior Specialist).

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