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Support for public policies modeling in the Republic of Congo

IDEA International Institute has been commissioned by the government of the Republic of Congo on a project to support public policies modeling focused on economic diversification and inclusive growth. After decades of a communist-oriented economy and conflicts during the early 1990s, the different development strategies designed gave priority to the construction of social infrastructures like roads, hospitals, schools and administrative buildings. In order to diversify an oil-dependent economy, the country decided to make a step forward by exploring ways for developing other key sectors that can drive the economic growth and put the country on the path of emergence. The first mission of this mandate took place from April 18th to May 6th, 2016. It consisted in data collection with around 30 ministries, governmental agencies, projects and programs and technical & financial partners. It enabled the elaboration of a diagnostic of the implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP 2012-2016). As next step, IDEA International will submit to the Congolese government a model for the orientation of the economy that will ensure job creation, development of income-generating activities, poverty reduction and the inclusion of vulnerable groups. This model will be implemented in the frame of the NDP (2017-2021). The mandate is conducted by Anselme Guézodjè, Senior expert in public programs management, Dr. Dorothée Boccanfuso, Senior economist and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Administration of the Sherbrooke University (Canada) and Mounir Dabbabi, Senior economist and public policies expert. 


Seminar in management of public-private partnership (PPP)

IDEA International Institute organized in Quebec, between April 18th and 29th 2016, a seminar to inform and train administration’s executives who need to adopt, design and manage projects of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).    The seminar aims to support governments, municipalities and private enterprises or other public and private organisms to be well-prepared for Public-Private Partnership. It combines sensitization, capacity-building and sharing of good practices’ experiences that could be inspiring for decision-makers to engage judicious choice regarding to investment options in PPP model.


Certificate 1 in results-based M&E and Information Systems launched

The Certificate 1 of the Masters Certificate in Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation and Information Systems was launched on January 18th, 2016 utilizing the IDEA e-Learning platform and Webinar sessions. The participants are project and program managers, and senior officers from various Ministries from the Kingdom of Cambodia, and UNICEF Cambodia staff. This Master Certification is facilitated in a mix modality, two weeks at a distance (January 18-29) and one week onsite in Phnom Penh (February 1-5). The project is financed by UNICEF Cambodia, and is facilitated by Anselme Guezodje (Senior Specialist in Public Programs Management) and Ariane Ortiz (Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist). Certification 2 and 3 will be delivered in the following months as well, until April 20016. 

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