Network Partners

IDEA’s strength lies in its network of partners!

IDEA works in partnership with several institutions around the world to perform consultancy services and training, and to develop practical and operational decision support solutions.

Global Partners

IDEA International and COFOMO have joined forces to offer integrated data management systems.  COFOMO,  is a specialized firm in consulting and expertise management, specifically in the field of “Business and Information Technologies”. It  has several certifications from Microsoft and Oracle. 

Since 2010, the Institute for Development in Economics and Administration has created the IDEA-Solutions® branch which focuses on the development of software to facilitate the concrete implementation of Results-Based Management (RBM). The development approach is agile and combines IT specialists and management specialists to develop quickly innovative and practical products.

IDEA International is actively involved in the International Development Evaluation Association, a global network of development practitioners and evaluators engaged in capacity building activities, networking of methodological approaches and sharing knowledge.

To provide satisfaction to our customers and to offer a wide range of services, we made a business partnership with Odoo, the most widely used ERP open source platform in the world, in order to offer services based on open source solutions. We have the capacity to develop, implement and deploy the ERP platform from the beginning to the end according to the organization’s needs. 

The IDEA International Institute is an accredited provider "Registered Education Provider" of PMI training services. The PMI is an international leader in the promotion of project management with a half million active members worldwide. University certifications issued by IDEA have all passed PMI quality control.

Université Laval

The IDEA International Institute and Laval University have joined forces to create unique University Certifications programs (Masters Certificates). These programs cover various areas of Results-based management Development (RBM).

Regional institutions

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Partnership for the design and delivery of university certifications in Public Procurement, offered jointly by CAPGEFI, IDEA and Laval University.

Partnership throught involvement in Redlacme (Red Latino Americana y del Caribe de Monitoreo y Evaluación) forum, in Budgeting for Results Network and Subnational Governments on MfDR network, in the area of Results-Based Management. 

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Tripartite partnership between the IDEA International Institute, Laval University and ENAREF for the design and delivery of training in procurement cycle management.

Bamako, Mali

AFRISTAT and IDEA International signed a partnership protocol in July 2017 with the overall objective of contributing to strengthening excellence in public sector management in Francophone Africa. See the operationalization plan.

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